How Do You Do 2022?

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve put personalized love into this website. This blog is like a baby to me, its a love of mine and something I’m extremely passionate about. However, being candid – if you go about almost anything in life without clear intentions it’s easy to get thrown off of your course. You might also start to feel like certain things that once felt good, simply don’t anymore. In order to fix that, I gave myself the time I needed not only to rest, but to think, plan, organize, write and more. I’m happy to say that now FGRVA is on the path to being a much better executed platform than it has been in the past. A special thank you to my strong and beautiful team for never giving up on me or Feel Good. We always come together to make the magic happen and I’m excited for what this year has in store.

With that being said, I wanted to give you a brief breakdown of what you can expect from us in 2022!

Personalized and informative content

We are fully aware that the times we are in, most people on social media are in favor of long, wordy posts. We want to bring you the facts in a concise and attractive way. The examples above give you an idea, we’re putting our own personal flare to some useful information so it’s easy to digest and remember!

Events, events, events!

If you know us, you know that we love curating a vibe. We’re excited to take on new venues this year along with new artists we’ve never worked with before! If you’re interested in collabing with us, reach out at! We’re also excited to branch out in supporting new charities, including The National Alliance on Mental Illness! Join us this year for more good times with great causes!

Writers wanted!

A goal we have for 2022, is getting back to the heart of how Feel Good started, that means sharing our highs and lows in order to spread awareness and knowledge. It’s important that we all know we are not alone in life, even if it feels like it from time to time. We want to extend a warm a welcome to all the writers out there and even those who prefer to express their stories in other ways. Feel Good RVA is a safe space, a no-judgment zone, and a self love club! Share your art with us in whatever form and as long as it’s appropriate, we will feature your work on our blog!

More media & Collaborations

Last but not least, we’re showing off our faces a bit more this year! Shout out to our friends over at The MSQ Shop for breaking us out of our shells a little bit and getting our visual ball rolling! You can look forward to more segments like “Tip of The Week” with the MSQ Shop team. As well as a bit more personalized content on our TikTok launching this Spring!

“Love Her Back” – FGRVA goes ECO

Feel Good has always been a strong believer in Mother Earth being a gift that keeps on giving. Back in the earlier days of FGRVA, in an effort to “love her back” we partnered with the James River Park System to host River Clean Ups and well… SURPRISE! We’ve decided to bring them back! Stay tuned for upcoming dates! In the meantime, we decided to add some foliage to your timelines with our new Environmental based content. You’ll be able to find our new plant of the week this Spring along with other informational green posts!

Thank you so much for joining us on our journey to a greater self! Follow us on all social media platforms to see everything coming in 2022! And if you have suggestions on how we can be better or bring you a type of content that we don’t yet, send us a message or email!

Lots of love and Best Regards, from The Ladies of Feel Good RVA


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