Jay Guevara Chats With The Based God Lil B

Courtesy of The Based God

For those who may not know who Lil B is, he is a man of many things: Mogul, the first rapper ever to write and publish a book at nineteen, film score, composer, producer, director, and historical online figure. All of that is in his Twitter bio [@LILBTHEBASEDGOD] but his influence is magnificent and transcends music beyond his multiple one hundred track projects and extremely based music videos. The Based God has given blessings and curses to sports athletes like James Harden and Kevin Durant to name a few in the earlier years of the 2010s. He has lectured at many universities and became a cult icon thanks to his large fan base. I was thankful for the interview with The Based God and excited for y’all to read this interview.

Jay: How is The Based God during the pandemic? Is this something that has affected his influence in any way?

Lil B: The Based God is always amazing and great and This pandemic has never affect his influence. But I can say Lil B could be different. I don’t think this has affected Lil B as much but it helped me work with more people. This did help me in figuring out big new ideas and ways to connect with the audience to serve the world.

Jay: Before this interview, I was blasting the freestyle mixtape you did with Chance The Rapper in 2015 just to get myself in the right mindset to do this.

Lil B: That’s a classic. First off, shoutout to Chance The Rapper. I saw that there were issues earlier in the year with Chance and manager and I would like to say God bless them both. I hope things get better between them two.

Jay: You lectured at MIT and NYU and Carnegie Mellon University. We’ve been seeing an increase in influential hip hop figures lecturing semester-long courses at Universities like IDK with Harvard and Bun B at Rice University. Do you foresee more and more hip hop influences transitioning into a university role in the next five years. If so, what do you see them teaching in the classes? Will Lil B ever become an adjunct professor some day?

Lil B: Yeah I definitely see that being a thing in the near future. I’ve been honored to be a part of those legacies in those institutions and to empower thinkers of all kinds and to support these people with messages of unity and love so we can bring the world together. I think people who come from diverse educational backgrounds like yourself is one person. I definitely can see Black Thought and more becoming involved within more speaking engagements and lectures. I want to give a big shoutout to all the students that make those happen along with the staff. I’m super grateful that they allow people to utilize and protect freedom of speech and letting them gather together for the right reasons. I see beautiful things in our future more university engagements. I situations are coming closer to people more than ever. 

Jay: So what about Lil B possibly becoming an adjunct? 

Lil B: I want to continue my education because these universities inspired me to finish things I did not. As a professor, I think there’s room for that as I continue my education and pursue some avenues I feel can help others and myself learn within the conventional ways to learn. There can be a role like that within the future as I’m way older so I can help the people. As a professor, you can’t forget the individuals and have to give those students one on one time as the role of the professor. A lot of it is being there for them and they can make it obviously by being in college. I feel like you have to let them know they have support at every level and that they’re protected. I do want to take classes on how I can serve the human race.

Jay: Multiple platforms and the internet has mentioned you as an influence on this generation’s music. Who are some of the artists that you see as influences five to ten years later?

Lil B: Thanks for asking that and I appreciated everyone that had said that and understand the impact Lil B and the based god had on the culture world. Some people I can see making another round of influence like an A$AP Rocky and Chief Keef. Chance [The Rapper]. Lil Yachty. I even see another round from Soulja Boy. Thundercat, Young Thug, the Migos, and Da baby. There are a lot of amazing artists out here that representing right now for this generation and I’m proud for all of them. I can see Tyga doing more for this generation as he did years ago. And I can have another round of inspiring this generation. 

Now for the Female artists, which has been very powerful these past few years especially. I can see NoName, Rhapsody, Cardi, Meg, Iggy giving another round of influences. 

Kendrick can do another round of inspiration, J Cole, Ty Dolla, Kid Cudi, and Playboi Carti. Nef The Pharoah from the Bay Area is a really good guy. Kehlani as well from the Bay Area. She’s amazing and I’m super proud of her putting on for the Bay. Possibly, I can see The Pack coming back making another influential round. 

Jay: Regardless of whatever beef or situation you had within the rap game, you still come from a place of serenity. For those who may be struggling with finding peace or find themselves in injurious patterns, what advice would you give them to find their divine path?

Lil B: Yeah I’m, it’s all about peace. The past is the past and the future is for healing and today is for healing. So if it’s not about positivity, it doesn’t make sense. If it could be avoided because it’s negative, let’s avoid. It’s embarrassing to hear about negativity dealing with other people in my prior situations because it’s not in my personality and it’s not what I support. I’m for peace and non-violence, and love for other people. I love my life currently. I’m for peace and respect while I’m here. That’s how I feel. 

Jay: For those who may not be familiar with Lil B and The Based God, what are some projects that give the best insight into who they are? You recently dropped a one hundred track project Hoop Life 2 in late November so can you tell me how’s the reception for that?

Lil B: I would say start with getting into Black Ken. That’s a great start on hearing a lot of truth. The Based God produced it and Lil B was an executive producer. Turn Up Till You Can’t from the Black Ken project represents my personality and my truth. There are just so many tracks on there. I would also say start from the beginning and finding tracks that you love and being a part of that and seeing what works for you. I love every project I put out in a special way and that’s what that’s about. I’m always excited for Lil B music. I’ve been getting great responses from Hoop Life 2 that dropped last month. 

Jay: So will it compare to some of your other projects like Wonton Soup and Platinum Flame

I think it’ll be more powerful with time and touch the people as the time pass for the influence like how Wonton Soup did and 05 Fuck Em. [05 Fuck Em] will get back on streaming services for the people soon. Thank you for this interview and all that you’re doing as you’re helping people being healthy and active in many different ways.

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