Getting Out of Bed Is Hard

Tru Speech is an artist from the Inland Empire region of Southern California who is one of the many members of the Over Everything collective featuring Cam Archer and Jay Kasai who both dropped projects this year Inside Voices and Kasai Tape 3 respectively, producer Nabeyin who has production credits from the likes of The Game, Drake and WestSide Boogie. Tru Speech is originally from Detroit, MI who eventually moved to California in the latter half of his life and he is one-third of the Midnight Run Podcast collective that also includes Jay Kasai and Cam Archer.

The podcast co-host and artist recently dropped his project Getting Out of Bed Is Hard. Speech’s album is a collection of stories that focuses on alcoholism, lust for women, and confessions of the last three years under his moniker Joe Sweatpants. The tracklist below involves seven tracks that are listed in order of weekdays from Sunday all the way through Saturday. The ordering of the tracklist gives some premonition of how Speech would count down the days towards his demise under his deleterious behaviors. That statement can be backed up from the song Friday where he says “I wake up, same shit every day since a year ago/ here we go it’s a miracle, I made it to work/ It’s just a day I was doing ninety-five on the ninety-five…”

I really appreciated the usage of female vocals throughout the project. Especially on Monday featuring Jay Kasai where the female vocalist sang “I’m high, I need your drug inside of me. My body needs, my body needs you inside of me”. Monday is a story of dependency for sex as a mental high as Speech goes deep into his affection for the woman based on the taste of her lips to her other physical features along with what he’ll do to have her as a wife. On the song Wednesday feat Christine Ariya, she sang in the chorus “What are you missing? What am I missing? Tell me what’s different. Am I wasting time? Tell me what is mine. What am I missing?”. Wednesday is a song where Speech listed all the flaws of failed situationships/relationships as the chorus curates a metaphor of a woman asking Speech what she needs to do or have in order to establish a sustained bond together.

Another thing I took note of in the project was the progression of the production. The changes within the moods that each song gives from the production of Nabeyin, Jay Kasai, OhGoshLeotus and Joe Sweatpants is something to take notice. The project starts out with a church piano like instrumental for the song Sunday where Speech confesses a variety of things as if he’s in a tabernacle. Then the project shifts to the slower melodies to fit the theme of lust such as Monday and Wednesday until it shifts to the more upbeat and robust instrumentals for the songs like Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday which dives into alcoholism. Albeit the chorus of Saturday discusses how excited he is having liquor, homies, and his chick in the backseat of the car riding the city and having fun, Speech discusses some of his drunken stories through an energetic tone that’s normally used for club songs and talks about how much he wants to drink until he can’t think of his issues anymore.  Listeners will truly appreciate the transparency of Tru Speech in this project. Getting Out of Bed Is Hard is a refreshing project to hear for those who are going through similar situations of lust and alcoholism. You can listen to the project below on Spotify, Apple Music, and more below and follow Speech aka Joe Sweatpants and everyone else who was involved on Instagram: @truspeech @jaykasai @nabeyin @nicklausgray @christineariya @ohgoshleotus

Click HERE to listen to it on Apple Music.

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