The Randy Wilson Podcast Pushes for Advocacy and Discussions About Health, Politics, and Communities by JustinHisPrime

Born in Charlotte and a Richmond native of over sixteen years, Randy Wilson is a familiar face within the Richmond community. Randy Wilson is a former basketball player, a professional Quality Mental Health Professional along with being a podcast host. The executive director of the Hope Unity and Freedom Center has shown his dedication to the community through speaking for organizations like the Urban League of Greater Richmond Young Professionals and engaging conversations on his podcast platform.

During the first season of his podcast which began earlier in the year, Randy had interviewed a wide assortment of individuals from former NBA Basketball Player Anthony Morrow, underground rap legend Nickelus F, 2016 Miss USA DeShauna Barber, Richmond entrepreneur Ajay Brewer and more. Within those episodes, Mr. Wilson initiates conversations about mental health within black communities, the guest’s respective life stories and ways to raise awareness and offer solutions to a variety of societal issues such as poverty, food deserts, and more. Randy Wilson will also engage with his guest on entrepreneurship, striving for financial freedom as a creative, and curate discussions on how to utilize social media for whatever the goal may be for an individual.

Randy Wilson is starting off the second season of his podcast with a new cohost who was also a former guest on the podcast, Dr. Tiffany Jana. Tiffany Jana is a former New York Times Best-Selling Author. TEDx Speaker, and philanthropist. The inclusion of Dr. Jana will bring a refreshing perspective towards societal issues, philanthropy, and community engagement to the podcast. The first episode of the newest season features Jamma Bickley-King who has worked in progressive political data and technology for nearly two decades. The clients he has worked with ranged from Mark Warner to the NAACP to the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. The Randy Wilson Podcast is on all digital streaming platforms and you can watch the Youtube visuals of the first episode of the second season and stream the first season below on Spotify. Please follow the podcast’s Instagram page @randy_wilson_podcast and be on the lookout for more episodes of the second season.


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