The Chop It Up Dialogues; Creative Women in RVA

Feel Good RVA in partner with OwnYourStories are hosting the first of a monthly discussion & networking event for creatives! The theme of our first is Creative Women in RVA! We want to bring together the amazing and powerful women of our city to see what’s on their minds as far as navigating through a predominately male art scene. While yes, our panelists will solely be ladies, we do want to invite men into the room to get a better understanding of their female counterparts.

This event will be headed by our Feel Good RVA team members, Tahmari & Kadija, along with Own Your Stories founder Siona Peterous for our #FeelStories collaborative. We hope with these events you’ll be able to blow off some steam, vibe with someone new, and get inspired! This is a safe space for creatives in all walks of life to come experience a pure and healthy environment in the middle of a chaotic schedule. Grab a glass of wine and get ready to chop it up with us! See you there!

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