We apologize for the delay, but we here we are with our coverage from the 2019 Fall Designer Fashion Show for RVA Fashion Week! We want to give a special thanks to the curator Michael Hostetler and his team for having us in the press pit for the first time, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Also, a special shout out to all the designers, models, and everyone BTS who made such a beautiful event possible! Without further ado, here is #SincerelyMari our consultant in all things fashion!

The opening collection by Leve Lifted was definitely a favorite. The looks had a great elevated streetwear vibe a la everyone’s favorite, Rihanna. I loved the wearable mix of unique blazers and more casual bottoms like bike shorts and ripped blue jeans. Any of these pieces would be right at home in any influencer’s closet. The men’s looks were completely cohesive with the women’ collection, and definitely had their own elevated basics on lock. I especially LOVED the belt harness worn over top of one of the men’s coats!

The next collection was courtesy of iamsewcrazy. The designer, Jessie Agnew, is a “mixed media artist, pattern maker, and fashion designer.” Before the collection walked, it was announced that the collection was made almost entirely of found and sourced materials, and the standout pieces really showcased that. Some pieces even had ceiling fans fashioned as wings. The standout look from this collection was definitely the closer, a strong look almost reminiscent of a phoenix.

Very Ashley was the third featured designer. The collection was described as being contemporary ready to wear with a mixture of pieces for work. Very Ashley actually has a storefront at Stony Point Fashion Park and was one of the only featured designers with their own space. All of the showcased looks were very cohesive and looked to be tailored and made of good quality. I loved the range of day to night looks.

WAV3S is a collection that I have somewhat of a personal connection to; I went to school with the designer and watched this same collection come to life. She used a mixture of manipulation and embellishment techniques to create her fabrics and looks. My favorite look was a monochromatic look featuring a nude/beige fabric and  an asymmetric hem in the front. I liked the casual drape of the look and I liked that it could easily be dressed up or down. The final look with a red bustier and brown dress was also a standout.

Tough Cookie was a fan favorite. The looks were made from various colorful African wax print fabrics fashioned in current contemporary styles. Walking the models down the runway to Brown Skin Girl was a nice touch. Honestly, I can’t even say that I had a favorite, I thought all of them were great.

All photos taken by Gr8 Britt

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