The last month or so has been kind of… “wonky”. I haven’t had much of a surge to write or really be productive like I should. I look over my almost dormant website & I immediately get down, as I so badly want Feel Good to pump out consistent content & thrive. But I must admit that something in me has just been a little off recently. I take pride in being very self aware & knowing when things aren’t right within. So I decided its time to do something about it.

I haven’t been to therapy in probably over a year, but yesterday I decided to make a phone call that wasn’t that easy. There comes times in life when you have to realize that you just don’t feel good & different actions need to be made to combat that. Therapy isn’t always a comfortable subject for people, many are even take the idea for a joke. But, I’m here to tell you different, knowledge is power people & so is a healthy mind. What is your view of therapy that makes it seem so ridiculous or unnecessary anyway? Do you really think you’re going to lay on a couch while some old man repeatedly asks “how do you feeeel about that?”. My dear, sweet reader… NO.

Therapy & counseling are tools meant to be helpful in a way that fits you individually. I say this meaning, when choosing someone to talk to, you should definitely try to meet with more than one person in order to find someone who actually fits you & your specific needs. It’s also important to make sure that the environment feels serene to you. I have been to therapists where I did not feel 100% comfortable & it really led to a waste of time & money. Its hard to feel free in an unfitting atmosphere, so always know its cool to be picky about who you’re spilling your beans to & where.

Another thing I want to cover is insurance & costs as I know that can also be a big turn off when it comes to making this decision. I want to share a couple local gems with you: the first one is “The Health Brigade” formerly known as The Fan Free Clinic. They ONLY take on patients that DO NOT have insurance & might not have the funds that therapy usually requires. You can request an intake appointment with them through their website by clicking that underlined segment above. The second one is a program through VCU & other employers, called The EAP or Employee Assistance Program. With this employees & immediate family members can qualify for up to FIVE free therapy sessions & maybe even more. Ask your employer or parents about this, you can also find information through google.

I want you all to know that I truly understand how hard & scary it can be to be vulnerable, especially with a total stranger. But in order to look at your unruly & troublesome thoughts & feelings through a different scope, you need someone to help you organize & make sense of it all. Here at FG, we are proud of you for taking the steps to better your mental health & we are always here if you need encouragement or to talk. Always be kind to yourself and others, enjoy your Tuesday!

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