Nap Time Is Necessary

I’ve been feeling really tired recently. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very aware that I’ve been extremely busy this Summer. I try to say yes to every opportunity thrown at me in order to boost my brand and network. People always say how important it is to put in the work while you’re young, so you can relax and bask in it later on. I totally agree….. HOWEVER, looking at the mental health side of things, I can’t help but find this theory to be flawed.

While yes, it is important to take full advantage of the strength and energy we have during our prime years, we’re also a generation who’s stress and anxiety levels are said to be equivalent to that of a 1950’s psych ward patient. I think it’s important to stay busy, especially when you’re prone to depressive slumps and/or have anxiety, its a good thing to keep your mind and hands occupied on positive outlets. But the hard part is finding balance.

I always give myself great credit for being as self-aware as I am. I thank God for the ability to sit beside myself and acknowledge when I’m screwing up or need to make a change. I’m happy to say a big change that’s coming with the Fall is REST! Summer 2019 has truly been one for the books, the events, the people, the art, RVA has been emitting BEAUTIFUL energy for the last two and half months. I’m so thankful to have been able to experience so much of it. But I have to admit, I’m definitely noticing my body react to being up and about so much. I’m always driving, planning, showing love at events, networking, the list goes on and I feel a burnout on the horizon.

Rest is an important part of human life, our bodies NEED it, mentally and physically. Apart of self care is knowing when your plate is too full and its time to take a moment. When you start to over exert yourself, you pull away from loved ones, you can start to forget things, you become frazzled, and you can get easily dehydrated. This list of side effects goes on and in the end none of it is worth it. Take time out for you, drink a lot of water, make sure to eat and to eat GOOD, stretch, take naps when you have the time, and one of the most important things: say no to things that you really don’t want to do! At the end of the day, you have to walk the earth with your body and your mind, the decisions you make and how you spend your time are to please you and no one else.

I hope you’re enjoying your Self Care Sunday!

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