Ever since I was about 14, I considered myself to be in & out of “relationships”. That means all of high school & the vast majority of my twenties so far, I have been SOMEONE’S girlfriend. Well, this month marked something significant for me: my anniversary with myself. That’s correct, I have been willingly & powerfully on my own for an entire year, & the feeling is beautiful. Over the last year, I’ve had many new & different experiences, taking all of them on on my own has been invigorating. Within this last 12 months, I have laughed, I have cried, I have exercised, I have been drunk, I have been creative, I have found Great Britt. She is a new dimension of me and I love her. She is strong and unruly, and my new hero.

I was on a Reddit forum where a young twenty something year old questioned how they looked to others having had been single for 4 years, and I responded that there’s absolutely nothing wrong it. It’s sad that we as people feel we’re being judged based off of that. Being single in your twenties MALE or FEMALE is just as essential to your growth as relationships and break ups are (maybe even more so). Be single, find a new hobby you’re passionate about, move to a new city, go on self-love dates, eat in restaurants alone, go for walks by yourself, learn who you are in this moment and reinvent yourself as many times as you see fit. As lovely as it is being in love, it’s not all there is to life or to you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in #JulyIs4Photos, collectively there’s so much that could be posted but I hope you enjoy this peak into my last few weeks this Summer.

Photos by Great britt, Katheryn defrank, merc, & mari

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