Two Parts


Today I found it absolutely necessary to do a room refresh or Feng Shui. I rearranged my whole room, threw away what was unnecessary, got a bag of clothes ready to be donated, and let me just say… after starting my day off in a dark space, this was everything I needed. I want to encourage others to do this if you can. Even your desk at work or your closet, just replenish your space. Allow yourself to let new energy in and be accepting to whatever vibes start flowing afterwards. I often find creative boosts after days like this or even just an uplifted mood. We harbor so much in our sanctuaries, its 100% necessary to mix things up, change is good. Next on the list is sage and meditation.


I know today is Father’s Day and it felt wrong of me to ignore that when I dedicated a post to Mother’s Day. This day isn’t really the happiest one for me for more reasons than one, but I want to take a moment to say thank you to all the dad’s out there that actually dad. I’m lucky enough to be able to see some of my cousins and good friends become great fathers and I’m proud to watch it. Your son’s and daughters look up to you and your presence is important always.

Instead of an artist spotlight, here’s a cheers to the father’s who are making positive impacts in the lives of young ones, don’t stop.

This photo credit goes to my guardian angel, my grandfather Reginald Marshall, missing you this Father’s Day. Rest easy, the realest.

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